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Help The Aspinall Foundation by 'Adopting' an Animal

The Aspinall Foundation is devoted to protecting endangered animals, and where possible returning them back to protected areas in the wild. Many animal species throughout the world are becoming increasingly rare and endangered through loss of natural habitat, poaching and pollution. The charity works in conjunction with Port Lympne and Howletts Wild Animal Parks located in Kent. In addition to well-established overseas projects in the Republic of Congo and Gabon, the more recent developing projects are in Indonesia and Madagascar. In 2013 The Aspinall Foundation will be sending an entire group of Western Lowland Gorillas 'back to the wild' in Africa. Djala, a 30 year old silverback, and the head of the family was rescued and flown to the safety of Port Lympne when he was a child and has since become one of the largest silverbacks in captivity and fathered a total of 15 offspring. A reintroduction of this magnitude has never before been undertaken with animals that have been raised in captivity.

The Aspinall Foundation love what they do and with continued help they can carry on with greater confidence but, like everything in life, their work costs money. Without ongoing support, many of the endangered species they are protecting face a bleak future. The work here and abroad will go a long way to changing this. But The Aspinall Foundation cannot do it alone.

One of the ways you can help with protecting endangered animals is to 'adopt' an animal online. This is a great way to help and makes a wonderful gift for both the animals and animal lovers. In return for doing this The Aspinall Foundation will send you an adoption pack with an e-certificate for your adopted animal, an adopted animal e-factsheet, a monthly e-newsletter all about the parks, a twice yearly update on the adopted animal by email and FREE entry to Howletts or Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks - so you can come and visit your animal!

Help Protect Endangered Animals

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