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More Stylish and Traditional Footwear (2)


Hand-made Hungarian Footwear

Batz Shop is a Hungarian based company specialising in producing very high quality hand-made shoes and footwear for both men and women, and they have won many awards for their product styles and quality. Their footwear industry professionals have more than 30 years of experience in footwear manufacturing and produce footwear of special quality by following purpose-made processes under strict control. Batz Shop produces high quality handmade genuine leather open back clogs, slippers, sandals and insoles which are all available here online or in most shoe shops and pharmacies.
Hand-made Footwear

Foot Cradles

Foot Cradles - Ease Foot Pain

The range of Foot Cradles has grown over the years and depending on what people suffer from, they will have the opportunity to choose the appropriate product. The secret behind the Foot Cradle is the unique contoured design. As the body shifts weight so does the Foot Cradle. They help align the bones in peoples' feet to resume their normal anatomical position and this in turn reduces foot pain, back pain, knee pain and a variety of other related health issues.
Foot Cradles - Ease Foot Pain

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