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Exhilarating - River Thames

The fact is jet powered RIBs are more maneuverable than traditional propeller driven boats. When Thamesjet's boats stop it's like reverse thrust on a plane and you know how that feels! Much the same with turns. It's like comparing a sports car with a high performance supercar. Because it's powered by a jet it's more responsive so it just does everything faster, harder, sharper. Try it and you'll never settle for anything else!
Exhilarating - River Thames



Sightseeing in Paris

ParisCityVision is the leading specialist in providing sightseeing tours in Paris and France nationwide. They offer more than 220 excursions to many destinations including Paris, Versailles, Mont Saint Michel, Loire Castles and more. ParisCityVision have a wide range of excursions from essential must-sees to out of the ordinary visits, more than 150 multilingual tour guides, tours available in up to 11 languages and unmatched expertise and know-how.
Sightseeing in Paris ParisCityVision

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